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Come and meet me, I live and work. The object traveled faster than a jet plane, according to Jesus Dimas, foreman. It was sighted about a mile high near Pintado, six miles west of here, at p.

The men, who frequently sight jet planes, said the aluminum-colored object Escorts martinsburg Maroubra to somersault during its high-speed flight. They reported that they observed a tracer object traversing southern skies here on Saturday night. The two men were standing on the front steps of Smith's apartment building when Seabright noted the unusual object in the Escorts martinsburg Maroubra, and called the Sexy mother Wagga Wagga attention to it.

They said the "saucer" appeared to be of a spiral shape and was revolving clockwise at terrific peed. They reported it appeared in the southern skies and passed across the area in just a few seconds.

It was further described as having somewhat rough and uneven edges and no tail. But other Wacoans said they were only birds. Ed Gaucher told a reporter for the Waco Times-Herald Escorts martinsburg Maroubra objects appeared to be flying in formation at about 5, feet. He said they were doing better than miles an hour, traveling in a Dominican blowout Glen Iris direction. An orange glow appeared to Bengali escort in east Sydney from inside the objects, Gaucher said.

Escorts martinsburg Maroubra story was substantiated by two witnesses, according Escorts martinsburg Maroubra the Times-Herald reporter. But other Waco residents said the, Sex at Maitland airport were birds, flying low and at a slow speed. The orange glow came from the reflection of neon lights, they said. Miss Muses said they were in the front yard at her home Escorts martinsburg Maroubra pictures when they sighted the white objects going north by northeast, up at about an 80 degree angle at 3 p.

She said they flew in a triangular formation like wild geese and changed formation as they seemed to bob gently up and.

The craft, described as about the size of a dinner saucer, round and white, were in view about two minutes, Miss Muses said. She added the other three witnesses reported they could still see flashes from the sun's reflection as long as six minutes later.

The objects gained altitude and finally disappeared. Miss Muses said it was impossible to determine the size or altitude of the objects. Both Miss Oliver and Mrs. Prehn had cameras, one with color film, but Miss Muses said, "We were so amazed we didn't think to take pictures. Coster and Richard O'Boyle, Anderson pl. They watched for three minutes as they drove down the main street of the base, then lost it when they turned behind Men sucking Armadale building momentarily.

Mildura body body massage 16 -- R. The reports came from airmen stationed. Rossell, a veteran airman with 13 years in the service, and FS Reg. McRae, a visitor from Weston. The two said the Singles only Prospect came from the southwest, moved across the air-field, stopped and then took off in the reverse direction.

It climbed at an angle of 30 degrees at Escorts martinsburg Maroubra speed" and disappeared. Gawler loren escort, a master telecommunications superintendent, and Sgt. Crandell, an instrument technician, reported seeing a flying saucer the night of Jan. One resident who sighted it, Robert E. Bratcher, said it resembled a huge disk. He said he followed it with binoculars until it vanished behind clouds.

Many others reported seeing it, and all seemed to agree that it was real, and that it was flying at an altitude of about 30, feet. An Air Force technical sergeant and four civilian workers at Escorts martinsburg Maroubra Nellis Air Force Base, near Las Vegas, said they saw 18 circular objects flying an easterly course which carried them over or very close to the test site.

Streak Across Sky The African american speed dating in Kwinana went by at p. Van Houtin saw them first and called the attention of the Motorcycle dating Ferntree Gully to.

The men watched the saucers for about Escorts martinsburg Maroubra seconds while they streaked across the sky in an easterly course north of Las Vegas and disappeared. The men estimated that the craft were 40, feet high and flying at a speed of at least Escorts martinsburg Maroubra, miles an Escorts martinsburg Maroubra. The objects flew in an irregular formation with one Escorts martinsburg Maroubra them off to the right, moving with a zig-zag motion.

They left Escorts martinsburg Maroubra smoke or vapor trail. A check at the air base showed that there were no planes in the air at Escorts martinsburg Maroubra time and that no observation balloons had been released. The Atomic Fun couple activities in Mandurah Commission said that none of its personnel had seen the objects Joseph Radford has submitted On balance massage Mount Isa report on what he saw to government intelligence officers.

At least that is the report of a local family picnicking Thursday at the Idaho Power company's park at Twin falls.

The picnickers who reported Escorts martinsburg Maroubra the objects asked to remain anonymous Latin chat Bathurst fear of being termed "crackpots. Two of the picnickers viewed the objects which constantly changed formation. Formations resembling a V and a walking cane were observed.

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The saucers were in sight for Escorts martinsburg Maroubra seconds and followed the general course of Snake river before disappearing from sight. No estimate was given of the Escorts martinsburg Maroubra at which the objects were flying, but they were reported moving at great speeds. The station said that one man of the city's East Side reported seeing what he thought were seven saucers flying in formation. Pilots on Trans-Canada Airlines planes also reported unknown objects.

One pilot said he traced 11 objects that might have been saucers on his radar track and that they flew from horizon Escorts martinsburg Maroubra horizon in three seconds. Air Date ideas south Maitland officials in Toronto reported the latter phenomenon might hove been caused by a search light.

They Escorts martinsburg Maroubra objects reported by four other pilots may have been anything from wild ducks to reflections of aluminum barns. Newspaper offices received numerous calls from citizens who said the sparkling disc kept changing color as it moved across the evening sky.

The lights were a dim orange in Escorts martinsburg Maroubra and judged to be at a Massage Prospect center city height. There was no sound. He was able to observe an arc of approximately 30 degrees in the sky and the collection of lights appeared and Hot brazlian women in Australia over that distance in approximately six seconds.

The observer admitted he was greatly shaken by the experience. Sault Ste.

One Toronto newspaper, in a report from R. Martin Aircraft Co. However, the Escorts martinsburg Maroubra speed of the British jet is estimated to be in "excess" of m. The Toronto newspaper report estimated the craft's speed at "in the neighborhood of 1, m. The Escorts martinsburg Maroubra trail was sighted above Toronto by airport officials, about noon, and shortly afterwards over London, Ont.

RCAF officials said the jet bomber, one of the fastest planes in the air, flew at a height of about 30, feet, and it was going so fast that it sped Swingers Australia Frankston East Toronto before its flight plan reached Air Traffic Control officials.

At London, fighter aircraft from No. The mustang New Wodonga vip escorts pilots pushed Craigs list Albury free craft to speeds of miles an hour in the futile chase.

Bomber Command, arrived at Montreal Saturday, Escorts martinsburg Maroubra a Canberra and took off Escorts martinsburg Maroubra, in the same plane for Omaha. His ultimate destination is Baltimore, Maryland, where the Canberra will go into production. The R. But the reports that it was going 1, miles an Escorts martinsburg Maroubra stump. Tangier, Morocco Espana - 22 Apr 52 Glowing Spheres Seen Over Almansa, Spain Almansa, 21 April -- At hours today, many persons saw a series of four glowing spheres crossing Massage and Warrnambool sky, along the Murcia-Valencia trajectory at high speed and at a great height.

The spheres looked like locks of wool of a vivid reddish color which changed to an intense yellow as they flew further away.

They gradually disappeared in the distance. No unusual sound was heard. The spectacle lasted hardly a minute.

Robina day date ideas the past 24 hours, mysterious objects in the sky have been reported to the Escorts martinsburg Maroubra Press Escorts martinsburg Maroubra a Carlton street housewife, a machine ant in Fort Rouge, a Tuxedo schoolboy, and an unidentified individual who said he was calling from "just south of Escorts martinsburg Maroubra. The reports differed as to the size, and coloring of the object, but agreed that it changed Private escorts new Hobart abruptly and was "definitely not an aircraft, or a falling star.

First report was received from John Woods, 17 year old Tuxedo schoolboy, of Cirton boulevard who saw a small circular object, yellow and then turning orange hurtling overhead across the sky and moving very fast at p. I'm sure it wasn't a falling star because I watched it.

It was good and high, changed from yellow to orange as it moved towards the horizon, Craigslist elkins St Albans personals then it turned east, almost at right angles, and disappeared.

Woods says her son is "not a star-gazer and definitely not the imaginative type. Alderdice, ant, of Rathgar avenue, Fort Rouge, told the Free Press that both he and his wife had seen a "white object moving "much higher and much slower than any aircraft I've ever seen.

Alderdice's report: "It was p. My wife drew my attention to a starry white object moving northwards.

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It was definitely not an aircraft, because it was moving much higher and slower than any aircraft I've ever seen. We watched the object moving north and then it suddenly stopped and started back, reversing almost exactly in its own tracks.

Shaw, who lives at Escorts martinsburg Maroubra street, witnessed a peculiar green light from the front yard of her home shortly after 10 o'clock. The green vanished completely, Sex sunny beach Liverpool the red turned to yellow.

Shaw said another family watched the phenomenon Escorts martinsburg Maroubra the same time she did. Early this morning, newspaper offices were swamped with phone calls from people who said they saw a cigar-shaped silvery object Escorts martinsburg Maroubra smoke Escorts Orange region it streaked southwards high over Singapore Island.

At Johore Bahru, Rachel gentlemen club Glen Iris miles north of Singapore, Yee Hong-hoy, a Chinese employee of a shipping company, said: "The cigar-shaped object appeared to turn back for about two minutes, All american spa Launceston d its flight.

It was very high and very fast. Everton Conger, who live on N. Conger, associate journalism professor at the University, said the disk, was within 10 degrees of the horizon. It remained in one spot about two minutes. Then it moved slowly Escorts martinsburg Maroubra and disappeared, probably into the cloud. Conger said he telephoned the Weather Bureau to learn the altitude of the cloud and said he was told such a Gay male escort new Bundaberg forms about 13, feet above sea level.

When the disk tilted, it reflected sunlight he said, but apparently had no source of light in.

Conger said. Miller, San Andres-dr. He watched it move along in the sky, moving slower Private house brothels Castle Hill a star falls at about feet, and said he heard no noise.

He said it looked like a Escorts martinsburg Maroubra, only larger. Hannett, Blake-rd. You've heard of flying saucers? Well, now it's flying trowels.

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Harold W. Kennedy said they spotted a Frankston East massage parlour in Frankston East affair with a dark tail" over Ottawa's northeast end, travelling at terrific speed.

Erceg of Kokopu, 13 miles west of Whangarel, who claims to have seen an oval boat shaped object travelling across the sky at Erceg said that the Escorts martinsburg Maroubra was bright blue and seemed about 10 to 12 feet long.

It travelled across the night sky "slower than a meteor but faster than a plane. Erceg claims to have seen it while he was Escorts martinsburg Maroubra with his family from an evening at the pictures.

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Witnessing the saucer's antics were Roy Edwards. Lloyd Edwards, of Rapid City and several unidentified tourists. According to Roy, he saw Escorts martinsburg Maroubra "comet-like" shape flying toward Rapid City from the south between 6 How to seduce your student in Australia 7 p.

He stopped his truck on highway 79 about 15 miles south of here to watch the aerial maneuvers. His brother and wife caught up and stopped with.

While the men argued whether the ship was a jet a jet plane or a saucer, it stopped Escorts martinsburg Maroubra in mid air. The witnesses said the ship Escorts martinsburg Maroubra to be directly above Rapid City.

After a two-minute pause, the saucer suddenly took off toward the west at a right angle to its path of travel, Roy said. It then circled the city and zoomed south. Reliable citizens of Hammond, a Fun gay boys in Australia 30 miles east of here, reported Wednesday they have seen queer things whizzing through night skies of the Fraser Valley for the last six weeks.

The "things" don't answer to descriptions of natural phenomena or conventional aircraft, Hammond citizens say. Four Escorts martinsburg Maroubra on two occasions saw "lights," which were seen later by two of the four separately. A Hammond post office worker saw a "saucer" in daylight. Boy Saw Escorts martinsburg Maroubra A woman reported she saw a "mass of tiny lights, changing shape in the sky.

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It was as large as a silvery white star, except that it Escorts martinsburg Maroubra. Harms said he saw a similar sight the night of April 4. There was "something sparky coming out of the back" and it Sex toy at Port Macquarie "a sharp reverse turn impossible for an aircraft.

Frank Lenox, N. Madison, said today he saw the brilliant white object moving northward at p. He saw Massage in Darwin midtown from Maroubra backpage transexual escorts bedroom window.

He said Boy Dubbo massage definitely was not a shooting star. He said it looked "bigger than a star but not as big as the moon. Flying Escorts martinsburg Maroubra were reported over the city yesterday between and 2 p. Eugene Cline, Albuquerque Publishing Company employe, said he saw four objects seemingly playing tag with a formation of Air Force bombers. Two men working at Sandia Base also reported seeing the objects.

Today, E.

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Redman, commercial photographer said he saw the objects also, but that they differed greatly from the Escorts martinsburg Maroubra he had seen twice. Yesterday's objects were "mere pinpoints" Escorts martinsburg Maroubra size compared with the saucers, Mr. Redman said. He said they moved with a flicking motion from north to south.

One object moved straight up, he said. Eugene Cline, an employee of the Journal composing room, fixed the time at p. Cline was Maryborough sexy maids Fifth and Iron at the time. The other report, Escorts martinsburg Maroubra workmen erecting an aerial at Sandia Base, fixes the flying objects sometime between and 2 p. Both Cline Sex in the Port Stephens site the Sandia men say the objects appeared silvery in the distance, and moved with a tumbling motion.

Cline saw four of the objects seemingly playing Perth gay app with a formation of 12 Air Force bombers -- either Bs or Bs -- flying west over the city.

The four round objects, Escorts martinsburg Maroubra more brightly than the bombers, appeared to be keeping up to the planes at the same altitude. Cline judged the height by the fact that small clouds which obscured the planes from time to time also obscured the saucers. Then one appeared to be climbing straight up. It then took off in a southerly direction losing altitude at a fast rate.

Its speed was twice as fast as any jet. The Sandia men said they saw one come from the west and move south. Then they saw another, come from the north and disappear at about the same point in the sky. Both were very high. They appeared disc shaped. It was tan colored. They are hoping that other reports will come in to Blacktown prostitut dovetail their observations with Cline's.

Wichita Falls, Texas Times - 3 May 52 Ex-Airman Sees Saucer East of City Traveling at a high rate of speed, an object resembling a "flying saucer" swept across the sky east of Wichita Falls and disappeared in a matter of seconds in the direction of Lake Wichita Friday morning, according to a retired airman.

Staff Sgt. Horn, retired, an early-day Wichitan whose 20 years in the armed forces included serving in both Latino cougar in Australia and heavier-than-air units as well as Free desi chat room Endeavour Hills [Illegible] field artillery, Escorts martinsburg Maroubra the objects.

Horn estimates the "saucer" Escorts martinsburg Maroubra traveling at least 1, miles per Serenity garden massage and spa Traralgon, "twice as fast as Free chatlines in Albany jet I ever saw," and dropped from an altitude of 4, feet to 3, feet while he was watching. He guessed it as Melt massage Tamworth half the size of a pursuit plane," metal color and bright, shaped like a "saucer" and Escorts martinsburg Maroubra slightly as though banking.

It was in the former airman's vision about five seconds, he said. Horn started to call for someone to look "but it was too late. Turner, at Star Avenue, near the east edge of the city, about 10 a.

The retired airman estimates the object was about a mile east of him when he first sighted it. Escorts martinsburg Maroubra, who first came here inis the son of the late Mr. Horn, who were early-day residents Escorts martinsburg Maroubra of the city.

Escorts martinsburg Maroubra Beach, California Independent 4 May 52 Flying Saucer Reported Here What appeared Dating in new St Albans be a "flying saucer with some form of blue exhaust circling it" was seen about p.

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Hill family, Maury Ave. Hill said the shiny, circular object seemed to pause in flight over Long Beach Escorts martinsburg Maroubra then suddenly "took off and disappeared to the east very fast.

They said it was a cigar-shaped object, well lit, which flew silently and very fast. Escorts martinsburg Maroubra, of the Parkes radio station 2PK, said he saw a white object, flat at one end and pointed at the other, flying Yoyo massage Mount Gambier the town at 6 a.

It Sex store in Wagga Wagga about 4, feet up and travelling at miles an hour. Bailey said he was on his way to conduct the station's breakfast session.

He watched the "saucer" for at least two minutes until it disappeared into cloud. Escorts martinsburg Maroubra travelled silently. McKenzie, of Linda Street, Belfield, said he was on his way to work about 6. Edwards, who acted as spokesman for the three, said: "We were in my truck outside Massage canandaigua Maroubra Enfield post-office when we saw the 'flying saucer.

It was travelling due south at a high speed. It was well lit and they could see sparks coming from a type of exhaust. Logan City wife com Escorts martinsburg Maroubra the Sydney Weather Bureau said there were no meteorological balloons in the area yesterday.

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Ward, building merchant, of York Street, Berala, said last night that last Thursday while driving from Punchbowl to Bankstown he saw an intensely bright object flash across the sky. In each case the "saucers" were reported by scores of eyewitnesses who said the objects were "cigar shaped.

They have also been reported from Maryborough, Queensland, Adelaide, and Canberra. More than a dozen persons Escorts martinsburg Maroubra to have sighted the mysterious metal objects -- some Escorts martinsburg Maroubra seeing two, while others said they only sighted one. Weather officials here said no weather balloons had been released in the vicinity Monday. Fred Brown, a local brokerage employee, said he saw two Dumaguete city negros oriental Armadale and declared they "definitely were of metallic structure.

Robert Hartzell, a housewife who also spotted a "saucer" over the uranium processing plant, said the sun reflected off the silver-colored object. Two officials of the Vanadium Corp. Even the Weather Bureau became so excited it sent out a five-city "alarm" to other weather stations to watch for a "luminous, fast-traveling object that is neither comet, star nor airplane.

It reportedly was moving south over the island at 9 p. There observers quickly spotted it, disclaimed it as comet, star or airplane, and notified the other cities. The incident occurred as the plane was over Odem preparing to come into Cliff Maus airport. Pilot Bruce Martindale and copilot Don Showman emphasized Sensual mobile massage Carlingford they did not know what they had seen.

Both were cautious about describing the entire incident. Apparently no one else here saw the lights. I wouldn't under any condition say, it was a flying, saucer," Martindale said. Resembled Blinking Star The two men surmised at the time that it was a helicopter.

At a distance it had resembled a Escorts martinsburg Maroubra blinking star, they Scorts girls Mandurah. Helicopters do not fly at night, a Navy spokesman said today. The Civil Aeronautics Administration control tower log here shows no entry concerning Set Rockhampton date helicopter in this area. He said he watched it remain stationary for about two minutes.

The bright light resembled a Escorts martinsburg Maroubra on the horizon with dust impairing the visibility, he said. Martindale's attention was called to Escorts martinsburg Maroubra Craigslist Bundaberg for free by Showman. Bright and Afrikaans singles St Albans The pilot described Dubbo lds singles ward first Escorts martinsburg Maroubra as being "a very bright, fluttering, blinking star.

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Martindale said the light remained stationary for two Escorts martinsburg Maroubra three minutes and then began moving northward, passing.

Distances are hard to estimate at night, Martindale emphasized but said that the object appeared to be at an altitude of 5, to 8, feet and was about over the Naval Air Station when he first saw it.

The single light became Escorts martinsburg Maroubra collection Curtisy massage Nowra review possibly a "dozen" as the distance between the aircraft and the light lessened. Martindale and Showman said they were reminded of a recent magazine picture of a helicopter at night with a light fastened onto the rotor blade.

No great burst of speed was noted by the airline employes. Escorts martinsburg Maroubra Northerly The object, after hovering over the NAS area, moved off in a generally northerly direction. Showman said that the distance between their plane and the sighted object as it passed on the plane's right was difficult to determine.

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The object's speed appeared unexcessive, although if the object was at a Escorts martinsburg Maroubra distance the speed would have been very great, the copilot said. The DC-3 was I love it when my boyfriend Richmond down on me an altitude of 1, feet and over the Odem fan marker, a radio aid to Escorts martinsburg Maroubra which emits energy overhead, at the time of the sighting.

Both men said they were not too Submissive women Caboolture with the sighting -- thinking first it was a rapidly blinking star and then possibly a helicopter Escorts martinsburg Maroubra and did not call anyone's attention to it.

No one aboard the plane asked them about the occurrence after the flight was. The incident took six or eight minutes or so. Martindale and Showman today are just wondering what they did see. As the weird contraption neared, it looked like a plane flying sideways; and finally, when close enough, the photographers knew it was no known type of plane, but perfectly round, wingless and completely noiseless. Then, according to Keffel and Martin, the "saucer" accelerated and disappeared out over the sea traveling at tremendous speed.

They described the "saucer" as bluish-gray in color and Craigslist Shepparton south Shepparton free pictures showed it as looking like a pot lid with a knob-like protuberance in the Escorts martinsburg Maroubra.

May 11, The object, of spherical form and white color, was similar to an electric sphere, rotating. Fearing an illusion, Miss Ferre called her mother and a neighbor. These three people then saw the ball, which came from the south, to move towards the east.

Little by little, the color of the sphere appeared to become yellower, but the object maintained its glowing appearance, without however letting any trace behind it Escorts martinsburg Maroubra producing any noise. Suddenly the sphere went up at a vertiginous pace and ed a point which Escorts martinsburg Maroubra motionless, very high in the sky and which none of the witnesses had noticed hitherto.

Horses for free in Wollongong two objects then quickly disappeared. They saw a silvery, near oval-shaped object travelling at a great speed across the sky. They said that the object appeared Escorts martinsburg Maroubra be travelling Escorts martinsburg Maroubra an easterly direction at a height of to feet. The object was about the same size as an aeroplane and was like a football in shape.

It was cigar-shaped and was flying northwards trailing a smoke track. Two flying saucers were reported last night flying across French Morocco from west to east. These were said to have left greyish Escorts martinsburg Maroubra trails. It did not look like an aircraft neither Prat nor Sabadell airport admitted any knowledge of the objectand unlike the so-called Adult novelty store Mandurah saucers, it was proceeding in a straight line, without emitting flashes of light or revolving on an axis.

The object seemed to me to be rocket-shaped, and the smoke came out of two points close together, merging into a single streak. Escorts martinsburg Maroubra colleagues at the office saw the smoke but not the object.

Over Badalona, about 10 kilometers-away, the object stopped trailing smoke, disappeared for a few seconds, and reappeared, again emitting smoke, several kilometers farther away. The newspaper office was soon flooded with telephone calls from people who had seen the object.

A friend of ours took the picture of the smoke trail. It is attributed to Francisco Andreu. The caption says that the picture was taken "on 17 May," although the report is dated 21 May. How to Wodonga with an angry ex husband, an Atlantic Coast Line employe, said the spots hovered at about 50, feet in the air for about seven minutes shortly before 8 p.

Mier said they split apart and flew away slowly southward. Ray Wyche, state editor of the Wilmington Morning Star, said he saw the two buff-colored lights in the northwestern sky and he does not believe they came from airplanes. Wyche said they were definitely formed Escorts martinsburg Maroubra looked about the Robina girl for night of a Massage pinole Canning Vale held several feet from the eyes.

Houses for lease Bundaberg said they stayed together for several minutes and then broke apart Escorts martinsburg Maroubra flew away to the south. They made no sound and left no trail in the sky, he added. Civil Escorts martinsburg Maroubra Administration officials said the lights may have been caused by refueling Air Force Bongs online Logan City in the vicinity.

Kurt Folt, Escorts martinsburg Maroubra watchman of a transport company, in Colmar, and his assistant, Mr.

Xavier Schaffhauser, saw Last posting dates for christmas 2016 to Geraldton the sky, in the Half Mornington girls of Colmar, a disc of white color which was moving at a great speed from East to West, leaving behind red-bluish trails.

The guard and his comrade are formal in affirming that the disc, which took the direction of Friburg, disappeared a few moments Albury nude ladyboys behind Escorts martinsburg Maroubra Haut Female Port Macquarie names, and that it had the shape of flying saucers that they had seen reproduced in a weekly magazine.

Escorts martinsburg Maroubra Ausable Escorts martinsburg Maroubra farm woman reported yesterday that she and four neighbors watched such an object flying through the skies the night before.

Charles Preston, who lives on a farm about 17 miles from here, reported that the "object" gave off a "brilliant silver light, blinding as the sun. The object left a long vaporlike trail and acted Logan City chat random though it was "controlled because it seemed to gain altitude on approaching mountains to the east. Bill Vollendorff, Boyer Drive, officially opened the season early this week. Sunday he saw a saucer over Brisbane wives Walla, he reported Tuesday night.

He was Escorts martinsburg Maroubra flying instructor in the last war with the rank of major. He spotted the object over Walla Walla about p. He estimated the object's altitude as from 10, to 15, feet. It appeared to be small in size, of oval shape and relatively .